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A super silt fence refers to a temporary barrier made of woven geotextile fabric that is placed over a chain-link fence, capturing the coarse sediments that are carried in sheet flow. Super silt fence is able to impound sediment-laden runoff on a temporary basis, forcing the flow rate to slow down and enabling the sediment to settle down out of the water.

Why do you need a super silt fence?

As is also the case with silt fences, a super silt fence is able to detain runoff flows, which allows transported sediment to be deposited via settlement, though the chain-link fence that is within them makes them much stronger and able to be utilized in a variety of different situations.

When should a super silt fence be used?

A super silt fence should primarily be used in situations such as:

  • To control the runoff from bigger or steeper catchments that a standard silt fence cannot handle
  • To mark out the disturbance boundary limits on earthwork sites
  • During the installation of a topsoil or earth bund that would otherwise destroy sensitive locations
  • When intercepting sheet flow
  • To provide a barrier that can collect and handle soil and debris and thus prevent the material from being able to enter vital areas like streets or watercourses

Super silt fence should be placed as close as possible to the contour, with no section of the fence going over a 5% grade for a distance of over 50 feet.

Things to watch out for

There are a number of factors in regards to the use of a super silt fence that people should keep in mind.

For one thing, a super silt fence will not capture a lot of soil particles that are finer than 0.02 mm in terms of diameter (fine silts and clays such as loess, for example) due to the short time that the water will be held behind the fence and the fact that the majority of the fabrics have a relatively big pore size.

Over time, finely textured particles can clog the woven geotextile fabric that makes up a super silt fence. When this happens the fabric becomes impermeable and runoff can no longer slowly drain through the material. Routine inspections and maintenance are recommended to ensure the fence functions correctly on sites with fine silts and clay, especially after weather events.

A silt fence should not be installed in areas of concentrated flows or across watercourses, and they are not intended for use as a check dam in channels. A super silt fence should only ever be used for sheet flows.

As the installation of a super silt fence requires soil disturbance and excavation, users need to make careful consideration as to whether this particular tool is best suited for this specific situation. For example, water quality can be affected when excavation is carried out near waterway margins, so a turbidity curtain may need to be installed prior to silt fence installation.

A super silt fence should be used in conjunction with other erosion and sediment control as part of a comprehensive erosion and sediment control plan.

Super silt fence is often found at the bottom of slopes and on the lower elevation of job sites and often offers a considerably more cost-effective solution than is the case with a standard silt fence when taking into account the costs of maintenance.

The maintenance of super silt fences

Super silt fence should be inspected at least once per week and always following weather events. It is important to check for any signs of damage such as rips, fabric bulges, overtopping, undercutting, leaking joins within the fabric, tears, broken support wires, and outflanking.

Repairs should be made the moment the need for them is discovered, and sediment will need to be removed if the fence bulges or once the accumulation of sediment has reached as much as 20% of the height of the fence.

Can I get a super silt fence installation near me?

It may sound like a good idea to make use of a super silt fence, but many company owners and managers will still be asking the question, “Are there silt fence installation companies near me?”

Silt fence installation companies can be found all over the United States, including in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. In a matter of hours, the experienced crews here at Muller can very quickly install a super silt fence, standard silt fence, and other measures for erosion control on your upcoming job site.

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