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Muller Erosion Control Founded

Founded during the midst of the Great Recession by David Muller, this modest firm began with just two pickup trucks, a couple of laborers, and a single skid steer. Initially, this small team focused on providing erosion control services to site development contractors.


Muller Expands Its Focus

As Muller’s reputation grew throughout the industry, so too did its services. Now known as Muller Erosion & Site Services, its expanded operations team and bond release services gained recognition throughout the DC Metro Area.


A Partnership for Success

Sean Philbrick becomes a minority equity owner of the company. With Sean’s expertise, high customer satisfaction and fast response times quickly become synonymous with Muller Erosion & Site Services.


Operations Expand

Powered by continued growth, “The Yard” is purchased in Manassas, VA. This large heavy industrial zoned property becomes home to Muller’s significant field operations team.

2016 - 2020

Additional Specialization

Driven by industry demand, and its goal to provide more specialized and sustainable services to its clients, Muller expands its focus to include green infrastructure, utility installation, Jet/Vac, hydro excavation, CCTV, and stormwater facility maintenance services.


Our Story Continues

Nearly 15 years on from those humble beginnings, Muller’s drive to be a leading civil construction services company endures. Now known simply as Muller, Inc., we are committed to providing best-in-class service to our clients, led by the region’s most talented professionals.