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When working on a construction job or executing required maintenance, you need the proper tools to complete the job to the best level. Some problems are easy to identify and navigate, while others, like those dealing with sewer, water, or stormwater pipelines, can be challenging to determine what exactly has gone wrong. This is where CCTV Pipe Inspection comes in. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a proven process, you can get a better look at what is going on and rectify the issue much faster than you would be able to otherwise. In this article, we take a look at just what CCTV Pipe Inspection is and its applications.

What is CCTV pipe inspection?

You have likely heard of CCTV or closed-circuit television in reference to the security cameras in stores and businesses that help identify and discourage shoplifters. The technology is similar in construction and land development. Both applications utilize closed-circuit camera equipment to capture and transmit video to a specific receiver. However, when it comes to pipe inspection, there is one crucial difference: waterproofing. CCTV pipe inspection cameras are waterproof, meaning they can traverse a pipe containing water or sewage to get a better look at what might be causing an obstruction or leak.

The inside of pipes can often be hard to reach by hand and nearly impossible at certain points without excavation. CCTV inspection cameras are designed specifically to overcome these issues. Often attached to a flexible cable or mobile crawler, CCTV cameras capture high-definition images and video without being negatively impacted by water, dirt, and debris. You can use the footage to identify cracks, corrosion, blockages, misaligned pipes, and any other problems that might be happening and stop the lines from working as they should. This can be done swiftly and without having to excavate huge areas of pipes needlessly. Footage can be captured in real-time, and repairs can be carried out as soon as possible, removing delays, resolving emergencies, and saving time and resources.

What is CCTV pipe inspection used for?

As mentioned above, CCTV pipe inspection tools are used to assess the condition of pipeline infrastructure that might not be functioning correctly, or requires inspection as part of bond release or jurisdictional code requirements.

Why are CCTV pipe inspections important?

It can prevent further problems.

When a problem is suspected with a pipe, whether public or privately owned, it is important that it is dealt with as soon as possible. If something is left and not dealt with swiftly, it can cause things such as floods, fires, or a utility such as water being cut from properties or businesses. These can all be detrimental to both commercial and residential properties and can cause a lot of issues both in the short and long term. Conducting a CCTV pipe inspection means any issues can be found and sorted straight away rather than waiting for lengthy works to be undertaken just to identify the problem before a resolution can even be found.

It is easier, faster, and cheaper than excavations.

In the past, if a problem was suspected, a contractor would have to excavate around the pipeline to try to find the issue. Even then, contractors were often left guessing about the location or exact problem once the pipeline was visible.So, not only did they spend a lot of time and money needlessly excavating, they were no closer to fixing the issue.

Today, CCTV inspection cameras can efficiently identify and record pipeline issues, leading to significant time and resource savings. In cases where excavation is necessary for repairs, the recorded CCTV footage can precisely identify the location, preventing unnecessary digging.

They are versatile.

Whether you are looking to fix a problem with a large pipe that conveys stormwater or sewage from your property, a small water supply line that feeds your building, or something in between, conducting a CCTV pipe inspection can be a fantastic way to solve any issues that might occur. Using real-time footage, you can quickly identify the problem and implement repair plans instantly.

Real-time Pipe Assessments Done Right

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