What is Inlet Protection?

Inlet protection is used to prevent silt, sediment and other pollutants from entering the storm drain system. When installed correctly, inlet protection is the last line of defense in protecting the receiving waters from these pollutants. Around the DC Metro Region, the receiving waters are the Chesapeake Watershed, which we as a company take pride in protecting. There are numerous different types of inlet protection devices that are used such as concrete block/gravel/wire, gutter buddies, silt fence, silt sacks, gutter eels, straw bales and silt socks, to name a few. We have trained crews that know how to install these numerous different types of inlet protection correctly. The result of this is happy site inspectors, less pollution getting into the storm system, reduced site maintenance costs for our clients and an overall smoother project for our clients! To learn more about the different types of inlet protection we install or to obtain a proposal, please call 703-560-4040 option 1 or email estimating@mullerec.com .

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