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Property managers, industrial operators, commercial property owners, municipalities and homeowner associations throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC rely on Muller, Inc. for Jet-Vac services.

Muller, Inc. offers a quick, efficient and streamlined process that is designed to get the job done in as little as time as possible with minimal inconvenience to those in the work area. 

During a Jet-Vac job, small parts of the roadway, parking area or work zone may be closed down in order to both increase effectiveness and improve safety for all customers while the cleaning is in process.

One of the reasons why property owners in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC Metro area turn to Muller, Inc. is because of the cost-effective nature of the service we provide. A Jet-Vac job will include a thorough cleaning of the sewer and/or storm lines in addition to a video inspection of the pipe with CCTV equipment to make certain that everything is as it should be.

CCTV Inspection

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) inspection is crucial to the Jet-Vac cleaning services Muller, Inc. offers. Using state-of-the-art equipment that enables the capturing of high-quality video footage, Muller crews can quickly identify pipe blockages, deterioration, and any structural issues that may exist.

Clients are often unaware of problems that may be lurking within their pipeline. The Jet-Vac cleaning and CCTV inspection services offered by Muller, Inc. allow any potential issues to be easily detected and the pipeline repaired before issues get out of hand.

Employing CCTV equipment is one of the most effective ways of determining and correcting pipe blockages and deterioration. Remotely controlled cameras can provide high-quality photos and videos documenting the internal conditions of pipes in real-time.

Often overlooked on account of their lack of visibility in day-to-day life, underground drains are surprisingly vulnerable to damage from several factors.

Underground drains left unattended can burst or leak, resulting in severe problems for property owners and the general public.  

With sanitary sewage drains, this can be particularly hazardous as the waste that they carry is toxic. Broken or clogged sewage drains can result in exposure, contamination, and flooding, but a CCTV drain inspection can assist with the prevention of these issues.

CCTV drain inspections can also find other issues that may not be visible from the surface, such as broken pipes, collapsed pipes, corrosion, cracks, deterioration, offset joints, and root intrusion.

Muller, Inc. crews have decades of experience with pipe cleaning, inspection, and repair services and are certified and licensed to perform them throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

The benefits of Jet-Vac cleaning

Clogged storm and sewer drains can become a serious and recurring issue if not dealt with by an experienced Jet-Vac technician. 

Jet-Vac cleaning, or sewer jetting, is the term given to the process of using a high-pressure stream of water to break up and flush debris from a storm or sewer line. Typically, a Jet-Vac operator will direct the sediment, trash, and other material trapped in the pipe to an access point where it can be suctioned out and transported to a truck-mounted tank for disposal. In culverts, an operator can simply flush the material to the low end of the pipe and then remove the loosened material by hand or using the vacuum.

The benefits of using Jet-Vac cleaning include:

  •         Chemical-free, with no damage caused to pipes or walls
  •         Deep cleaning, with all debris removed by the blasting of high-pressure water
  •         Durability, being built to last
  •         Minimal manpower, meaning the job is done as efficiently and quickly as possible
  •         Non-evasive, which means minimal cleanup is required following the completion of the job

Here are some of the specific types of projects we are capable of completing using this Jet-Vac and CCTV equipment:

  • Cleaning Storm Drain Pipe
  • Cleaning Storm Drain Structures
  • Cleaning Frac Tanks
  • Cleaning (Mucking Out) Ponds and Basins
  • Hydro excavation
  • Test Pitting
  • CCTV Inspection of Storm Drain, Combined Sewer (DC), and Sanitary Sewer
  • CCTV Inspection of Underdrain Pipe (UD Inspection)
  • Pre-Construction Pipe Inspection
  • Post Construction Pipe Inspection
  • Stormwater Maintenance

Muller, Inc. aims to exceed customer expectations and provide professional and invaluable services throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. We offer several services including sewer and drain cleaning, CCTV video inspection of pipes, catch basin/storm drain cleaning, vacuum cleaning, lift station cleaning, hydro evacuation, trenchless pipe repairs, pipe dig ups, and pipe point repairs. 

Muller, Inc. is available 24/7 in the event of any emergency via our website or by contacting 703-560-4040.

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