Bond Release

Get your bonds from the local jurisdiction returned sooner.  Our bond release crews are highly skilled and can handle all the punch list work from your site inspector.  

We offer these bond release related services: 


  • Wet Utility Punch Work – we work with local water authorities, like Fairfax Water Authority, Loudoun Water and Prince William County Service Authority, to complete punch work related to valve boxes, water meters, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water lines, structures, fire hydrants, etc. 

  • Sidewalk/Curb Remove and Replace & Sidewalk/Curb Installation – we can repair broken, chipped, or damaged sidewalks and curbs in residential and commercial spaces. 

  • Asphalt Patching & Asphalt Crack Hot Sealing – we can efficiently repair potholes and cracks in roadways caused by heavy construction.

  • Landscaping Pruning and Replacement – we will rejuvenate shrubs and other plants/trees to get your landscaping approved by the local urban forestry department.   

  • Top Soil & Sod Installation – we’re experienced in topsoil installation and laying sod and will give your green areas a lush and professional look.  

  • Grading – we are very experienced in repairing any fine grading and drainage issues at the end of a project which are often very tricky due to all the permanent fixed grades.