Stormwater inspections & repairs

Don’t let a bad inspection or pipe defect hold up your project.  We inspect and repair your Stormwater facilities and even leave you with signed certifications.  

Our services include:


  • CCTV – we offer CCTV services for all types of pipe to developers, contractors, and municipalities. 

  • Pipe and Structure Patching/Parging – we repair all kinds of pipes, including pipes made from concrete, titanium, PVC, aluminum, and cast iron.

  • Pipe Lining – a popular method we use to repair sewer line pipes. 

  • Pipe Repairs & Dig Ups – we specialize in repairing pipes and can implement no-dig and dig-up repairs. 

  • Drainage/Washout/Sinkhole Repairs – if you are having drainage problems or an issue with a washout or sinkhole, leave the repairs to us. 

  • PE Sealed Inspection Certifications & PE Sealed As-Built Certifications – no need to consult a third party; our in-house engineers can complete these certifications for you.  

  • Pipe Point Repairs – we use QuickLock, an efficient mechanical point repair system.