Understanding Bio-Retention Facilities

Check out this bio-retention model we designed and constructed for Pepco! This model includes features of an actual bio-retention facility and we even built the different layers (mulch, media, pea gravel and 57 stone) to scale!

Bio-retention facilities are designed to treat on-site stormwater runoff. The stormwater is directed to the basin and then percolates through the system where it is treated which results in the removal of pollutants. A couple advantages of Bio-retention facilities are that they aesthetically pleasing and they also allow for a flexible design layout by your civil engineer. Proper installation of these facilities is critical or else you risk an expensive and frustrating reconstruction process prior to project closeout or hefty maintenance costs. Contact us at estimating@mullerec.com or call 703-560-4040 to have one our experienced crews install a biorentention facility for your next project!

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