Prevent Drainage Issues From Heavy Rains

Heavy rains can often expose site drainage issues and also cause problems such as washouts, sinkholes and erosion or lead to areas holding water (that are not designed to hold water) for long periods of time. These problems only get worse if they aren’t addressed correctly. Putting a cheap band aid on drainage issues will simply lead to reoccurring and increased maintenance costs and we do not suggest this. Alternatively, completing a thorough Inspection and dissecting the root of the problem is the correct way to handle the situation. If you are a facilities manager, property manager or a community association manager and have a property that has drainage issues(such as a washout, sinkhole or standing water) that you want to get to the root cause of, please contact us at or 703-560-4040. For all of you property managers out there, we will leave you with a free tip: Most of your landscape maintenance contractors are not equipped to correctly address the root cause of site drainage issues! Contact us when these issues come up and get them fixed correctly the first time.

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