• Monica Mazumdar

Why is Erosion Control Important?

Erosion is the process of soil, rock, and other particles displacing from a location by wind and/or water (like stormwater runoff). Erosion affects wildlife, public and private property, and contributes to pollution so erosion and sediment control is very important. Job site erosion control is especially important because excess dirt, construction materials, chemicals, and other pollutants will be carried into waterways if proper steps aren't taken.

Several things can be done to prevent erosion, from installing fences and drains to planting vegetation or installing a BMP facility.

Here are some erosion control services we offer:

  • Super Silt Fence & Silt Fence

  • Hydroseeding

  • Temporary Seed & Straw/Mulching

  • Slope Stabilization

  • Matting/Blanket Installation

  • Wash Racks & Construction Entrances

  • Inlet/Outlet/Outfall Protection

We have worked in urban, suburban, and rural areas across throughout Maryland, Virginia, and DC, and will the find right solutions for your particular project.

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