• Monica Mazumdar

The Benefits of Erosion Control Blankets

What is an erosion control blanket?

An erosion control blanket (ECB) is an open-weave, biodegradable product used to prevent soil erosion and promote seed germination. Erosion control blankets are typically installed on steep slopes or channels and newly seeded soils.

Quite common in the construction industry, you may hear people refer to these blankets using a myriad of different names, including excelsior matting, curlex, EC-2, jute matting, mesh blankets, straw netting, burlap rolls, and coconut blankets.

ECBs share a standard function of shielding bare soil and freshly seeded areas against rain and wind erosion regardless of the name used. In addition, they also provide a dense matrix of biodegradable material that helps stabilize and support emergent vegetation and aid future plant growth through decomposition.

As a leading provider of erosion and sediment control services throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia, our crews are familiar with all types of ECBs. If you are serious about getting a slope stabilized, we highly recommend using these blankets. Installing ECBs will reduce your maintenance costs throughout the life of your project.

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