• Monica Mazumdar

What Types of Projects Can Our Jet-Vac and CCTV Equipment do for you?

Updated: Sep 2

Are you in need of Jet Vac or pipe inspection services? Since 2018, our Jet-Vac and CCTV division has completed hundreds of projects across the DC Metro Region.

Jet-Vac and CCTV crews working in Virginia.

What is Jet Vac?

Our Jet-Vac Trucks, also known as Combination Sewer Cleaners, contain two central systems, a jetting system that propels high-pressure water and a vacuum system that removes debris. The high-pressure water dislodges dirt in the pipe, and then the vacuum system extracts the soil, water, and other pollutants. The vacuumed material is then deposited into the sludge tank attached to the truck.

What is CCTV Inspection?

Our Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) units include state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to capture high-quality video footage of pipe blockages, deterioration, and structural issues. Our equipment can inspect pipelines with diameters ranging from 2" to more than 100", and produce real-time and recorded video footage for clients.

What Type of Projects Do We Complete?

Here are some of the specific types of projects we are capable of completing using this Jet-Vac and CCTV equipment:

  • Cleaning Storm Drain Pipe

  • Cleaning Storm Drain Structures

  • Cleaning Frac Tanks

  • Cleaning (Mucking Out) Ponds and Basins

  • Hydroexcavation

  • Test Pitting

  • CCTV Inspection of Storm Drain, Combined Sewer (DC), and Sanitary Sewer

  • CCTV Inspection of Underdrain Pipe (UD Inspection)

  • Pre-Construction Pipe Inspection

  • Post Construction Pipe Inspection

  • Stormwater Maintenance

Please reach out to our team if we can help you with your next project in DC, Maryland, or Virginia.

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