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We Install Turbidity Curtains Throughout The Mid-Atlantic!

Did you know we offer turbidity curtain installations? Turbidity curtains, also known as silt curtains or silt barriers, are floating vinyl structures often used in construction sites near waterways. The curtain acts as a shield, causing sediment and silt from construction sites to settle rather than flow into in bodies of water. Turbidity curtains can also help protect marine life by preventing heavy metals and other toxic chemicals from leaving a job site. Do you have an active project close to a body of water? We can install turbidity curtains on your job site that meet the requirements of your local jurisdiction. Call us today at 703-560-4040 or email for a quot

Food Truck Day at the Yard!

We hosted a food truck event for our field team on Wednesday to thank them for their hard work. Employees were able to relax and socialize while enjoying dinner on us! Our Vice President, Sean Philbrick was also in attendance to spend some quality time with our valued field team members. Damaris Velasquez, Project Assistant, was able to get Happy Family Ranch, out of Haymarket, Virginia, to cater our event. They are farm-to-table style food truck, selling their own home grown meats into food truck friendly bites like tacos and grass-fed burgers. Our 4 legged friend at the yard wasn't left out! Are you or someone you know looking for work and interested in joining the Muller Team? We're alw

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