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Did You Know About All The Equipment We Have?

Another busy day at our yard in Manassas! We have a large and always growing fleet of trucks and equipment available to support the entire industry including: Combination Sewer Cleaners Jet Vac trucks Flush/Water Trucks Hydroexcavators CCTV equipment Loaders & Compact Loaders Excavators & Mini Excavators Hydroseeders Strawblowers Dump trucks Trenchers Street Sweepers All of our previously referenced equipment is available to our clients on a T&M/Rental basis. If you have an upcoming project that could use some of our equipment please give us a call at 703-560-4040 or email

Look Out For Time Lapse Videos!

We recently purchased time lapse video cameras to capture the progress of our jobsites. Watch a days worth of work in a matter of minutes or seconds! Here is a quick video of one of our crews putting up silt fence at a jobsite. This exciting new equipment will be used on select future projects to give current and prospective clients a glimpse into what goes on in a day. Stay tuned for more videos! Are you in need of silt fence or super silt fence? Call us at 703-560-4040 or email

What is Inlet Protection?

Inlet protection is used to prevent silt, sediment and other pollutants from entering the storm drain system. When installed correctly, inlet protection is the last line of defense in protecting the receiving waters from these pollutants. Around the DC Metro Region, the receiving waters are the Chesapeake Watershed, which we as a company take pride in protecting. There are numerous different types of inlet protection devices that are used such as concrete block/gravel/wire, gutter buddies, silt fence, silt sacks, gutter eels, straw bales and silt socks, to name a few. We have trained crews that know how to install these numerous different types of inlet protection correctly. The result

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