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Drainage Issues Due to Heavy Rains?

Are the recent heavy rains around the DC Metro Region causing drainage issues at your commercial property or HOA? Is your stormwater pond not draining or is a storm drain pipe or structure clogged? Do you have a washout or sinkhole that needs to be investigated? Is your building flooding and you cannot figure out why? We work for our clients, including property managers, community associations, homeowner’s associations and commercial property owners providing the following drainage repair services: • Pond repairs and maintenance • Storm pipe and structure cleaning • Re-grading • Slope stabilization • French drain installation • Storm Drain inspections • Sinkhol

What Types of Projects Can Our Jet Vac and CCTV Equipment do for you?

We started our Jet Vac and CCTV Division in early 2018 and we are very excited about the work we have done to date and building this division going forward. For those who don’t know, lets start by giving you some of the basic information about this equipment. Our Jet Vac Trucks (also known as Combination Sewer Cleaners) contain a jetting system (through a high-pressure water hose) and a vacuuming system used to clean sewer systems. The high-pressure water is used to dislodge dirt in the pipe and then the vacuuming system extracts the dirt and water into the sludge tank attached to the truck. Our CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) units are cameras used to inspect different sizes of pipe.

The Benefits of Erosion Control Blankets

What are Erosion Control Blankets? Erosion Control Blankets are an effective, biodegradable product for preventing soil erosion and promoting seed germination and are typically installed on steep slopes or channels. You may hear people in the construction industry refer to these blankets using the following different names including excelsior matting, curlex, EC-2, jute matting, mesh blanket, straw netting, burlap rolls and coconut blankets, among other things. All of these are names of Erosion Control Blankets and our crews install these biodegradable blankets on a daily basis for our clients. If you are serious about getting a slope stabilized, we highly recommend using these blankets

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