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Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation refers to the process of digging and moving soil using highly pressurized water and an air vacuum, with the water pressure being so high that it actually digs out the soil and the air vacuum then transfers it to the debris tank.

There are several other significant benefits to the use of Hydro Excavation.


The use of Hydro Excavation precludes the need for unnecessary excavation. Suction and high-pressure water are utilized to open the soil and turn stiff grounds into softer dirt. The soil is then sucked inside the holding tank for off-site disposal. Because of the intensity of the water pressure, the excavation will have extremely accurate results.


Hydro Excavation uses more precise and accurate methods, resulting in minimal damage to utilities, pipes, and the surrounding environment as a whole. It also means that the soil will be moved much more accurately, with the water avoiding pipes and any underground utilities, reducing the likelihood of cracks and leaks. This precision means that fewer repairs and backfilling will be required.

Hydro Excavation costs are also less as it requires only a limited workforce to perform and fewer materials.


Underground utilities often incur damage due to traditional excavation methods, but this is not the case with Hydro Excavation. Hydro Excavation eliminates the use of metal shovels and heavy machinery, which can easily pierce buried infrastructure and potentially cause a fire or explosion. Hydro excavation allows for safe excavation and soil removal from around buried pipes, cables, and infrastructure by utilizing high-pressure water. With no digging required, there is no destruction caused as a consequence of the process being implemented.

Waste removal

Unlike traditional excavation methods, Hydro Excavation offers a precise waste removal benefit. Any dirt that is collected as a result of the excavation process is removed with a large vacuum and then stored in a truck-mounted tank for future off-site disposal. For contractors and site owners, hydro excavation eliminates the headache associated with waste material, limits damage to surrounding work areas, and makes for a faster excavation process.

Environmentally friendly

The less invasive nature of Hydro Excavation means that it is much better for the environment than is the case with other methods. Hydro Excavation does not make use of any chemicals, meaning no contamination of underground assets or soil or plants around the excavation. The precise and highly accurate nature of Hydro Excavation and the lack of mechanical processes also causes little or even no damage to the plants and soil that border the project.


Digging and moving soil is much safer when done with Hydro Excavation because of its non-mechanical and non-destructive nature. There will be no accidents with machinery putting laborers at risk, and local citizens will also not be in danger from construction accidents.

The fact that only an air vacuum and water are required for the Hydro Excavation process means that the necessary equipment can be positioned well away from the actual site of the excavation, lessening traffic and thus congestion at the site itself.

Industries that benefit from Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation has particularly benefited the construction industry due to its flexibility and ability to quickly and accurately complete the job. When being used on job sites with space limitations, particularly in big cities and other congested areas, Hydro Excavation can be performed alongside other construction work, reducing disruptions and eliminating the need to halt other ongoing work.

Identifying buried utilities, cables, and underground infrastructure is probably the single most hailed benefit of Hydro Excavation in the construction industry. Traditional excavation methods cannot match Hydro excavation’s ability to safely and precisely locate and excavate around buried infrastructure.

Other industries that have greatly benefited from the use of Hydro Excavation include the likes plumbing and landscaping. Plumbers often have to dig underground to repair or replace pipes, while landscapers frequently need to redistribute land and soil. During these processes, it’s not uncommon for them to run into buried infrastructure. Hydro Excavation’s accuracy and lack of destructiveness to the surrounding area have proven indispensable in both cases.

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