Erosion control

Erosion/sediment control is necessary to protect the environment and property from the damaging effects of Stormwater run-off.  Every job site that disturbs land should have an erosion control plan.  
We can do several things to prevent erosion.  Here are some erosion control services we offer:


  • Super Silt Fence & Silt Fence - temporary device used for sediment control, constructed with geotextile fabric that filters Stormwater and wooden or metal stakes - super silt fence  is additionally enhanced by a chain link fence or wire mesh. 

  • Hydroseeding - we use our fleet of hydroseeders, including our Finn Corporation 3,000 gallon hydroseeder to shoot  a slurry of mulch, seed, lime and fertilizer to efficiently germinate seed and promote permanent stabilization. 

  • Temporary Seed & Straw/Mulching - this process helps temporarily stabilize soil by applying mulch and seed to soil.

  • Slope Stabilization - we have several methods to control erosion on steep slopes, including, installing a variety of erosion control blankets and mattings. We use synthetic or natural erosion control blankets, depending on the type of surface and the steepness of the slope.

  • Wash Racks & Construction Entrances - we use wash racks to clean construction vehicles and prevent pollutants from draining into the ground and contaminating Stormwater.  We also create stabilized construction entrances to reduce sediment tracking in public roads and streets. 

  • Inlet/Outlet/Outfall Protection - we install several types of inlet/outlet/outfall protections to prevent debris and sediment from entering storm drains or bodies of water.

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