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How did you get into the construction industry?

Surprisingly, I never saw myself in construction as a little girl. I thought I would do something with people, maybe a social worker or therapist. I always had in my head that I would fix everyone’s problems. It wasn’t until I took up a temporary construction job posting while finishing university that I realized I was more into numbers, solving problems, managing schedules and deadlines, and essentially watching my work come together physically. I immediately shifted my career path and became addicted to the adrenaline rush of an ever-changing environment with different projects to complete. I began assisting on some high-profile projects in the DMV area. There was nothing more satisfying than passing by finished projects and remembering the challenges overcome to complete the project.

What is one thing you would tell your younger self about being a woman in construction?

There are definitely a few, but long story short – experience and reward are the motives. Nothing is ever perfect and get ready for things to flip on a dime. Organization is an absolute necessity, and don’t skimp out on a good pair of work boots.

What do you hope future generations of women will experience as they enter the industry?

I hope future generations experience a stronger presence of women in the workforce and more progressiveness in the industry in general. There are misconceptions about women in the industry that will hopefully dissolve over time. Women offer a fresh perspective, whether behind a screen engineering/managing a project or working as part of a crew on site. It’s entirely in a woman’s skill range to be working on a crew, as much as any job off-site.

Ultimately, my hope is for many companies in the industry to truly see the value of women as capable leaders, colleagues, and crew members and the value in diversifying their teams and workforce. In my experience, women face a lot of intimidation breaking stereotypes in many industries, let alone construction. Let’s strive to do better for women in the workforce.

What piece of advice do you have for the next generations of women interested in a career in construction?

Most people will assume various things when you tell them you’re “in construction.” You’ll get those who imagine you in a hard hat holding a shovel—and others who have absolutely no clue how you could thrive in a male-dominated field. Just know, working in construction is a complete power move. Inform those who have no idea how badass it is to participate in the industry. It’s not all cubicles and deadlines. I encourage everyone to step onto a site and see the work and planning on paper come to life. The hard work and management are so much to be proud of and strive for. The career path is endless, experience plentiful, and doors are always opening!

“The hard work and management are so much to be proud of and strive for. The career path is endless, experience plentiful, and doors are always opening!”

What are you still trying to learn as you continue in your career path?

There’s an endless pool of knowledge for construction because building strategies are constantly evolving. There will always be more efficient ways to do something. There will always be a problem to solve and ways to be more cost-effective. The more I experience this first-hand, the more I want to stay ahead of the curve. There is something special about working alongside those with 20 years in the industry. They have such a range of experience and intel on what works. It’s the type of intel I’ll always strive to build upon and learn. In my opinion, that type of knowledge makes everything else that much easier – budgets, scheduling, logistics, take-offs. You name it!

What’s your favorite part of your job here at Muller?

I love that Muller, Inc. holds such a high standard for its work and is constantly growing as a company culturally, logistically, and physically. The teamwork is insane, and the rapport clients have with Muller, Inc. is unmatched. There’s plenty to appreciate about this company, but I think my favorite part is the collaboration within its management team. It’s special to build off each other’s experience and coordinate how to help each other and complete projects consistently. As a pivotal Woman in business once said, “A company is only as good as the people it keeps” Mary Kay Ash – and my God is it true!

About Muller, Inc.

At Muller, Inc., we combine our extensive knowledge and work ethic with specialized technologies to produce sustainable results for our clients and the communities we work and live in. Based in Northern Virginia, our unique technology and systems-driven approach have led us to become a leading provider of civil construction services throughout Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Our core services include Erosion & Sediment ControlHydro ExcavationUtilitiesGreen InfrastructureSite Work PackagesPipe Inspection and RepairBond Release, and Stormwater Maintenance.

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